Forecast interview. Alexander Belenky: “I’ll bet on Roy Jones in a duel with Maccarinelli, because the fight will take place in Moscow”

– Roy Jones enters the ring again. A Russian citizen will have his fourth fight in 9 months. What can you expect from his fight with Enzo Maccarinelli?

– A very strange fight, in my opinion. I guess Roy Jones will likely win on points. The fight itself will be normal for Roy Jones in recent years. Perhaps, for about 15 seconds in each round, he will become the same, get the applause, and then he will again become his current one. With rare outbreaks, he succeeds in recalling its former greatness. But, in fact, anything can happen in this battle. But what should you pay attention to? The fight will be shown on Channel One, Roy Jones should win by all accounts.

– Well, how can you assess the readiness of the fighters for this confrontation??

– Roy Jones, by and large, recently had no time for training. He had all sorts of measures, where he appeared, smiled and so on. But Maccarinelli didn’t really do anything either. But what can be noted here, Maccarinelli is a hefty elk, he has a height of 193 cm. His only serious drawback, which turned out to be already at the moment when he was the world champion – he does not hold a punch. In an amicable way, the current Roy Maccarinelli should be beaten. If the battle took place not in Moscow, but somewhere in Great Britain, then I would calmly bet on Maccarinelli. But since the devil knows what is happening around this fight, you should believe in Jones’ victory. After all, Maccarinelli is already leaving the fair. He had many hard defeats. And he has not been a contender for serious achievements for a long time. In the unofficial rating, he is outside the first fifty, next to Roy Jones.

– Explain to those who are not very familiar with the situation why Roy Jones continues to enter the ring, why he needs it, the matter is excluded in money?

– Of course, Jones received very serious fees during his career. But, like all black boxers who have become stars in the professional ring, he does not know how to handle money. I don’t know how Jones’s situation is now, but a few years ago he had 3 million. dollars of tax debts. All these guys from poor neighborhoods come across on the same. What do they dream about? They dream of buying a palace! He buys this very palace, and then it turns out that this very house requires absolutely phenomenal money for maintenance. I myself have a small house in Italy, and when I saw the amount that I need to pay as tax last year on New Year’s Eve, I fell. At least this year I knew what to expect. And I can imagine the costs of Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. maintaining those palaces that are at the boxing stars. There we are probably talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. Think back to Tyson’s story. When he bought himself such a palace, just cleaning the lawns there cost 300 thousand dollars a year. These guys are buying real estate that eats up their money. Holyfield had a 100-room mansion, which he sold safely, and now for $ 5-10 thousand, he travels anywhere as a wedding general. So Roy has the same story. He bought himself some kind of huge estate, she ate his money. Plus, do not forget about all sorts of parasites. Everyone has the same story. Roy has no money. He came to Russia exclusively for money.

– What can be said about Maccarinelli’s career? It is clear that he is in the shadow of Jones, but he was the world champion, and more than one year, and not the worst world champion.

– Yes, he was the world champion until he met David Haye on his way. Haye knocks out Maccarinelli in the second round. And after that, Enzo’s career went downhill. He never became the same after that, that defeat happened in 2008. Then lost to Afolabi, there was a typical fight for Afolabi. Ola withstood the first rounds, and later knocked out Maccarinelli. Then there was another defeat by Lebedev. There was another attempt to return, he won several fights, but then he was knocked out, and Sasha Frenkel harshly. It was in 2010. And after that, he did not have any serious battles. Honestly, I smile when now, before the fight with Jones, they say that Maccarinelli is a young fighter. He is 35 years old. Maccarinelli is a big boxer for his weight, he has long arms. Here the blow does not hold very well. And so, in principle, a very decent boxer. But I have already explained the reasons why I bet on Jones.

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